Ready to get clarity in your marketing?

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You’ve started your business, and you’re invested in making it work

You know you’re putting in the effort, but the leads and sales aren’t coming in and you’re not sure why.

It all feels overwhelming. You know there’s work to be done, but you’re not sure where to start and what you need to know

I’ve got you!

I’ve worked with over two thousand small business owners, both one-to-one and in groups, as a small business marketing coach and trainer.

I better warn you – I’m going to fall in love with your business.

I promise we’re both going to get a little bit excited (not wee your pants excited, but a totally OK excited).

Then we will work to get all the foundational marketing right.

We might need to go backwards to go forward, but we’ll be doing it together every step of the way.

And when we’re done? You’ll be confident that your marketing is going to work.

What To Expect

Let’s Chat

We start with a thirty minute chat to check if I’m the best fit for you.(I’ll only work with you if I know I’m the best solution for you right now.)

Let’s Chat

Then Define

In our initial session we clarify and define your message, your ideal client, and your goals to grow your business (this is a fun but hard-work session!)

Let’s Chat

Then Act

We then work together over five further sessions to help set up, implement and systemise your marketing. (Depending on the goals and gaps we identified.)

Let’s Chat


Great communication and immediate recognition of our challenges. No time wasted, Naadia initiated immediate action. I walked away from my session feeling “relief at last” someone finally gets what I’m looking for and is providing the direction I need. Look forward to continuing working with you.”

~ Nani Greenland

Are you ready to…

  • Get excited about your business?
  • Be moved out of overwhelm?
  • Have a business aligned with your values?
  • Spend time with an empathetic coach, who is also able to keep you on track?
  • Have clarity about your messaging?
  • Have a clear brand consistency across all of your marketing channels?
  • Define who you’re marketing to?
  • Be trained in optimizing and using social media platforms?
  • Have accountability (and homework) to help you stay on track and take action?
  • Be encouraged?


Small Business Brand Audit

You can use our checklist to assess and boost your brand identity and messaging.

It’s simple, yet packed with insights to help you understand how your brand is perceived and where it can shine brighter.

What you can expect after working with us

  • Clarity on where you are going in your business
  • Understand who your ideal customer is and how to talk to them
  • Defining your big (and little) messages
  • Reporting and checks on your current state and where to act first.
  • Checking your branding is consistent across every area of your business
  • Confidence all your foundational marketing is set up
  • Know which platforms, apps and supporting tools you’ll need
  • Know how to build an audience of your ideal customers
  • Have a simple and effective content marketing plan you can use
  • Understand how to make the most of every part of your content